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Here at the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens, we have been teaching people about Costa Rica's insects and arachnids for over 30 years. We have made it our mission to change the way people think about these small, misunderstood creatures. This may seem like a daunting task, but our bugs and tour guides can win over even the most skeptical visitor!  With up to 30 species of butterfly in 4 different habitats, over 20 species of live insects and arachnids in our nature center, an active leaf-cutter ant colony and the best guides in the business, we truly have something for everyone!

We offer in person tours every day from 9am-3pm

Meet The Team


Bryna Belisle

Bryna B. is a science translator rooted in the cloud forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica. Originally from Quebec, she has pioneered science communication programs for educational facilities in Canada, South Africa and Costa Rica for over 15 years. The last 8 years, Bryna has been the Director and owner of the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens. Living in such a biodiverse part of the world, she is constantly reminded of why she dedicates her time to the wonderful creatures that inhabit our world, especially the ones that many are afraid of! Bryna connects audiences to science through her creative, and humorous science translation, making sure scientific knowledge is accessible and that everyone knows that we have the coolest planet! Brynascience.com 

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David Makynen

David is a farmer, turned environmental educator from Massachusetts, USA by way of Ontario, Canada. David is a jack-of-all-trades, and has been the Grounds Manager, and owner of the MBG for the last 8 years. he keeps the gardens looking great, and sustainable! He can be found building new features, teaching volunteers how to propagate host plants, or tending the veggie gardens. David loves sharing all facets of the natural world, especially with his nature-loving sons Eli and Rook.


Martha Garro Cruz

Martha's first visit to the MBG was a class trip in primary school; more than a decade later, she is back as the MBG's Project coordinator! She is a passionate scientist, who grew up just a few kilometres from Monteverde. The MBG and it's interns are lucky to have her local knowledge and experience! Martha helps our interns learn to give dynamic tours and teaches them all about her home ecosystem. As an experienced research scientist, Martha is helping to collect data about local pollinators. When not at the gardens, Martha is a professional piercer!

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