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The Team


Bryna Belsile


Bryna B. is a science translator rooted in the cloud forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica. Originally from Quebec, she has pioneered science communication programs for educational facilities in Canada, South Africa and Costa Rica for over 15 years.

Since 2012, Bryna has been the Director and owner of the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens.

Living in such a biodiverse part of the world, she is constantly reminded of why she dedicates her time to the wonderful creatures that inhabit our planet, especially the ones that are usually unloved!

Bryna connects audiences to science through her creative, and humorous science translation, making sure scientific knowledge is accessible and that everyone knows that we have the coolest planet!

Bryna loves to travel, and see as many amazing creatures as possible. When not busy with the gardens she does programs and works with film crews though her side project 


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David Makynen

facilities Manager

David is a farmer, turned environmental educator from Massachusetts, USA by way of Ontario, Canada.

David is a jack-of-all-trades, and has been the facilities Manager, and owner of the MBG since 2012. he keeps the gardens looking great, and sustainable! 

He can be found building new features, teaching volunteers how to propagate host plants, or tending the veggie gardens.

David loves sharing all facets of the natural world, especially with his nature-loving sons Eli and Rook.

David cares for Rook, chickens and many trees on his nearby homestead.

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Carlos Camacho

General Manager

There is no hiding Carlos's passion for our planet!

A highly skilled Costa Rican Naturalist, He has an unstoppable drive to make the planet a better place for all species. 

He was the natural choice to lead our team as

the general manager!

Carlos's ability to make people feel comfortable  makes him an incredibly effective science translator and manager. He makes sure that we are meeting our goals and that our animals, staff, and guests are happy! 

Carlos likes bugs a lot, but he has a special place in his heart for snakes, and often spends his down time out on adventures. He also has a love for the stage and is involved with a theater group. Carlos is a passionate human rights activist, hoping to make the world a better place for his children


Roy Jimenez

Lead Science Translator

Roy's passion for learning new things is unstoppable. He's done just about every job you can imagine.

A card carrying tourism guide,  his experience leading groups on canopy tours in Monteverde led him to the MBG. Here he shares his adoration for bugs with guests, students, and helps train our volunteers .

A tour with Roy is a chance to spend time with a truly enthusiastic naturalist. 

His love for the planet is obvious, and his passion for sharing and receiving information about nature is what makes him stand out. 

Roy is always listening to music, he loves to share it, and hear what other people are listening to. Roy spends his time off driving places he's never been, working on his car, or trying something new.

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Gabriela Wong

Operations Manager

Gabriela keeps our tours running and people smiling from behind the front desk! 

Committed to conservation, Gabby left the big city to help us make people love bugs! Her incredible organization skills, quick thinking and endless patience makes herding cats - or rather, organizing our team look easy! 

She has an endless need to learn and help. She participates in every training and loves connecting with our interns.

While she was unsure about

cockroaches to start, she now loves

to help care for Timmy. 

Gabby has a big smile, and an even bigger

passion for Muay Thai. She has been

training for over 4 years, so make sure you

treat her with respect! Gabby also

volunteers in her new community by helping with study groups and reforestation. 

Tony Standley 


Tony started at the MBG at about 4 years old. Our closest neighbour, he would bring down caterpillars he found in his garden to ask for care instructions.

Now, 15 years later, Anthony is our Tarantula care expert and most experienced animal handler.

Tony shares his personal stories and knowledge about our collection like no one else. Having grown up caring for them, he has noticed more than most.

Tony's tours are personal and incredibly educational!

On his days off you can find him mountain biking or exploring the forest. Anthony loves his community and is committed to helping make it sustainable and open to diversity.  


Andres  Cruz


 Andres grew up around the corner from the MBG in the forest of his family's conservation project The Ecological Sanctuary. For the last several years he has been guiding tours at the MBG whenever he can fit us in! 

Andres is an incredible communicator and always finds a way to connect with the people he is sharing nature with. He has a wicked sense of humor and really enjoys a good laugh. Andres translates science beautifully with one guest, or 30.

He loves to share Costa Rican culture with our interns, and makes the best tortillas. He is also an incredibly talented classical guitarist!

Andres travels whenever he can, and has a true love for mexican spicy candy.

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